Watson Lake Paddle Boarding


I started the day off heading up to Prescott, AZ for some hiking and paddle boarding. Just 100 miles north of Phoenix, it makes for a quick escape from the summertime heat of Phoenix.









I started my trek looking for Wolf Creek falls along Senator Highway. Unfortunately, I could not find the trailhead, so I will be trying again soon. I still found another cool little spot with an abandoned mining structure. The Senator mine was discovered in the 1860s and was one of the longest successful mining operations. Mine tunnels extend over 3 miles into the mountains including many side tunnels and shafts. A stamp mill was built to process the abundant copper, gold, lead, and zinc.

The bones of the structure are all that is left and is a popular stopping point along the highway. To get down to the structure and river below is mostly easy, just watch out for loose rocks as I found myself slipping more than once down the hill.

Later in the afternoon, I headed north of town to Watson Lake. I’ve always wanted to see the boulders of the Granite Dells and enjoyed getting a closer look at them. The lake has a No Wake policy so the water is very smooth and easy to paddle around. There are a lot of areas where you can paddle behind some of the boulders and have some privacy to simply enjoy nature and relax.

I plan on hitting as many lakes and rivers I can in Arizona and have plenty to choose from. Be sure to come back often to check out some of my other adventures around the state.