Washington DC


With as much as I love to travel, I am fortunate enough that the company I work for as my 9-5 day job allows me to travel for work a few times a year. Early summer in 2016 I was sent to Washington DC to work with the Smithsonian Institute to help set up their Point of Sale system for their annual Folklife Festival. Each year they represent another’s culture in various buildings along the National Mall.

I was fortunate enough to have enough time to walk around to the various monuments. The first time I was in DC was back in High School and the last thing I wanted to do was learn more about history. Ugh… ENOUGH!!! I had history coming out of my ears back then and the last thing I wanted to do was go somewhere and have to learn something new. Clearly I was not in the right frame of mind back then and didn’t appreciate where we came from.

Nowadays, that is reversed. I love going to the older historical districts in cities to see where they came from and how much they have changed.

The mile long stretch that I walked along took me to the Washington Monument to the War Memorial on the opposite end of the Mall. I was hoping to get up to the Capital, but my time was limited.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and look forward to returning later this year.