Salt River Paddling

Just a quick trip down the Salt River with some friends.

It was the first time paddling on a river with some rapids. Mind you these are very timid rapids. The kind of rapids that will take one look at you and get embarrassed, that’s how timid they are. Yet, I still ended up in the water. In my defense, or in my stupidity depending on how you want to look at it, I was trying to shoot some video of the rapids and my board turned sideways against the current and over I went.

Only lost my sunglasses… and water… and a little dignity. Still had a great time and encourage you to get out on the water this summer to beat the heat. It’s a quick ride east to the starting point at Pebble Beach Recreational Area just off of Bush Highway, which is just past the bridge. Be sure to get your Tonto Day Pass for $8.00 before you get to your starting off point!

We paddled down the river for about 2.5 miles to the Phon D Sutton Recreational Area, which took about 2-3 hours. Mostly we just paddled with the current at a leisurely rate and had a great time. With 100+ temps make sure to bring extra water for yourself and for others as well. I did bring enough for myself, but then did the stupid thing of keeping it unsecured and when I fell in, I lost my water, and this was ten minutes into the trip.

Everyone was kind enough to give me some of their water, but I still felt foolish for having to ask.


Here’s where we started out from:

Along with our ending point. You’ll need to coordinate leaving one vehicle in each spot as I don’t believe the normal busses that ferry tubers back and forth stop here at Phon D.