Northern California Road Trip


Whenever I head to California it feels like I am heading home. I don’t know if it’s the beaches, the mountains, the diverse culture, or the friends that I already have in Sunny California, but it draws me constantly. I think it’s the combination of everything… either that or I’m crazy and got addicted to the Smog and am still jonesing for a hit after twelve years!

We left Phoenix mid-morning and took the long western road to Morrow Bay in Northern California near San Luis Obispo, because, let’s face it, if I’m going to California I’m putting my toes in the sand! After stretching our legs with a leisure stroll in the small beachside community we found a nice place and ate some seafood.

With a Schedule to keep we left bright & somewhat early, we are on vacation, after all, to head up to Grass Valley where we celebrate the ending of a good friends bachelor lifestyle.

The next day we completed our trek and relaxed for a few days, watched my friend say goodbye to his freedom. The next few days we explored the town and surrounding areas and took a few photos. There’s not much here as I took this trip a few years ago before I knew I was going to be starting this website, so this post will be a little light compared to future journeys.

So enjoy the photos and poke around at some of my other pages to view more of my adventures!