Lake Tahoe Adventure, Day 3

Lake Tahoe Adventure,

Day 3

Another day of adventure in the books. Started off with a stop at Fallen Leaf Lake, which has an interesting legend tied to it, then hiking up to Cascade Falls above Emerald Bay. The 3/4 mile hike is not too difficult, but if you’re not used to the altitude, go easy and bring plenty of water. Luckily there is lots of shade along the trail and your reward is the ice cold falls.

The Origin of Fallen Leaf Lake

according to

Washoe Indian Legend

The following is courtesy of the Tahoe Heritage Foundation with contributions by local residents and organizations.

Long, long ago, before the white man came to Nevada, there lived in the meadow over beyond Glenbrook, a Good Indian who was much annoyed by the Evil Spirit who interfered with all that he tried to do. When he tried to escape to the valleys of California, the Evil One was always there waiting to trip him in some way.  The Good Spirit came to his aid, giving him a leafy brach which had certain magic qualities. As he started his journey, if he saw the Evil One coming, he was to drop a bit of the branch, and water would immediately spring up. The Evil One could not cross water and this would allow the Good Indian time to escape. To continue reading this story, click here.









Fallen Leaf Lake is about 50 minutes south of Emerald Bay off of Fallen Leaf Road (closed winters). The drive down to the lake is on a one lane road with few turn offs. Houses are on both sides and there can be a lot of traffic as the day goes on. Get there early to avoid the traffic.

After visiting Fallen Leaf Lake, I headed up to Cascade Falls above Emerald Bay. The hike has plenty of shady spots if you need to rest and incredible views. Once you get to the falls you can walk all around finding mini-waterfalls cascading down the rocks. The area is mostly rocky terrain with scattered trees. I spent about an hour walking around and looking for some good shots and found plenty. I could have spent several hours up there shooting.

  • Cascade Falls trail head

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get down to Emerald Bay. Apparently Emerald Bay is THE spot to be on a Sunday. The side of the highway is lined with cars as far as they are allowed. People walking along the freeway with kids, pets, and beach gear. Mad house. All good though, just means I have to come back for another trip. Can’t beat that!!

I spent the rest of the day walking around Zephyr Cove and relaxed. It’s my last day here so taking it easy for part of the day is required.

  • Lake Tahoe at its finest!

While I wasn’t too thrilled with the campsite as there was very little shade (other spots had better shade) and no two trees close enough for the hammock, AND the steep hike up to the site… I will still camp here again. There are drive in camp sites available as well as spots for RV’s. The prices are reasonable and you are right across the street from the beach and everything Zephyr Cove has to offer. Restaurants, rentals, boat tours, cabin rentals, etc. Check them out here.