Lake Tahoe adventure, Day 2

Lake Tahoe Adventure,

Day 2

The first morning in Lake Tahoe did not disappoint. After a quick breakfast I grabbed the paddle board and hit the water for a few hours. The water is cold, but after a day of hiking or playing on the lake, it’s the perfect balance of cold and refreshing. My last memory of Lake Tahoe was of the crystal clear water and it’s just the same today.

I walked around downtown for a bit while waiting for the show. This is a beautiful town with lots of tourists milling about. The traffic can be a pain, but nothing too extreme considering the location and season. I found an Arts & Crafts fair and checked out a couple of local artists and picked up some very cool stuff. Those are Zebra Jasper Stone Skulls. He had a full tray of different stones and skulls by artist John Suttey.

And now the time has come for the event that started this entire trip. Jack Johnson performing live at the Harvey’s Outdoor Arena. Seeing Jack Johnson play in an outside arena is a dream of mine for a long time and I was very excited when I found out he was playing here in Lake Tahoe.

The opening act was by a folk musician named John Craigie. I am actually sitting at my campsite while writing this and listening to his live album Capricorn Retrograde…Just Kidding… Live in Portland.

John is a very Bob Dylan-esque folk singers who is a great story teller and musician. Each song has a story and usually has the crowd laughing. Not always though, as he does have some sad songs, which he explained to us after the song I Am The Woodstock Baby. I picked up two of his albums during the show (iTunes… sorry I didn’t get to meet you) and he is a new favorite.

The sun went down and Jack Johnson walked onto stage and right away started withYou And Your Heart which got the crowd going. He continued to play all of his hits and brought out several friends to perform with him.








Dream Fulfilled!!!