Lake Tahoe adventure, Day 1

Lake Tahoe Adventure,

Day 1

Packing my tiny car up to the brim (and I still couldn’t fit everything, I miss my Jeep) and heading west to California for some much needed time off and to officially start my first big trip covering several different spots from Lake Tahoe, Big Bear, Julian CA, and Salton Sea on a 7 day road trip.



My first stop had me visiting some great friends in Los Angeles and a night of Mexican food and drinks.






I never thought I would be served french fries in a Mexican restaurant. I guess it would be like ordering a margarita in a French restaurant. Those are crab stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon. Yes, I could feel my arteries clogging with every bite. While I love bacon and it hurts me to say this, but the bacon was a bit much. I think if the crab meat was mixed with bacon bits it would have been better.






Early the next day I hit the road for a 7 hour drive up to Lake Tahoe. Pretty uneventful scenic drive up the 14 and 395 highways. Couple construction delays and a few idiots doing idiotic things. Sorry, no photos of that. Maybe  next time.






I’m staying at the Zephyr Cove campsite in South Lake Tahoe. It’s about 4 miles from the city and there are spots for RV’s, pull-in tent camping, and walk-in tent camping, which is what I got. I didn’t realize I’d be carrying ALL of my gear up a steep incline. Like so steep mountain goats would think twice before going up. My trainer will like that I got a good workout from it.

After a quick nap (I’m old, deal with it!) I walked down to the shore and took a few shots.

For now, the sun has set and I have my camera set up to do some night time photos. Got some pretty cool shots of the quarter moon with a cloudy sky. I’ll have those posted after the trip is done. Just something else to be excited to see!!!