My Dream… sitting on a beach somewhere in the world enjoying the company of good friends, letting the warm sun tan my skin while a gentle breeze cools me down.

It’s a wonderful dream that will soon become a reality. There are so many wonderful places to visit that I never thought I would be able to visit. After twenty plus years working for someone else, scraping enough money together just to visit family, my dreams of far away vacations felt very far away. So, new plan! Do what I love and get paid for it! For me that is photography, writing, and travel. Combine those three together I have the making of a great career path that will take me to all of the destinations I dream if visiting and even those places I have yet to dream of!


When I first started this new venture, I had no idea of how I was going to be able to afford these exciting destination. Greece alone would run over $2,500. Ireland, $1,500, and the Caribbean for around $2,000. Even the trips I wanted to take locally would cost me a pretty penny. A good friend of mine was apart of this travel group called Dream Trips. She told me about a couple of trips that I wanted to take at great prices, so I went with her to meet others in the program and found a perfect match! Not only do they offer wholesale pricing for vacation packages, they have so many different ways to earn points towards my next vacations! I’ve already booked a trip to Ireland and Miami this year.

Watch the video for some great information regarding the program.

Ready to plan your next trip? No? What more proof do you need!! How about some testimonials from current members: