Christopher Creek Camping Trip

Christopher Creek Camping Trip


June 2016 found me and some good friends heading up to Christopher Creek for a few days of camping, exploring, and good times. We left mid-morning on a Thursday to avoid any traffic and heading up north on Highway 89. The campsite was about 45 minute south of the Rim and Woods Canyon Lake so we plan on heading up there for a day to explore.







We found a small campsite next to the creek and got everything set up. The Camp Host warned us that bears have been spotted nearby, but we did not see anything luckily. I would not want to run into one with the pups and my friends’ kids around.

Friday found us hiking around the creek and stopping long enough to let the kids and the pups play in the water. Yes, that’s my pup with his entire head underwater trying to pick up rocks and bring them to me. Gotta love that furry dude.

My phone died before we got up to the top of the river, but if you head north up the creek about 4 miles you’ll come to the creek head where it is pouring out of several large boulders. The area is nicely shaded and steep. Several other groups of people were there, but not so many that it was too crowded.

This is a great place to unwind and allow the sounds of nature to replenish your soul and energize you for the trek back. The trail itself is fairly easy with a couple of steep climbs, but nothing you can’t do if you’ve done a couple of hikes in the past. With lots of tree cover, it makes for a cool hike that will get your heart pumping. You won’t be left exhausted at the end of this hike.

Later in the afternoon, the clouds started gathering and the trees started dancing in the wind.

As we were preparing the campfire for dinner we felt a couple of drops of rain. Thinking it would pass fairly quickly, we ignored the sprinkle until a few minutes later it turned into a torrential downpour and it did not let up till late in the evening.

I was in full relax mode and everyone went into their own tents to wait out the storm. And wait… and wait. Enjoy the videos I did while hanging out in the tent with Dexter.

I have to say that was one of the best nights camping I have ever experienced. Forced to wait in your tent, listening to the storm outside is very relaxing. I have always enjoyed a good storm, but something about being in one in the middle of the forest just made it so much more. It’s hard to explain, all I can say is it’s something you need to experience for yourself.

Our trip up to Woods Canyon Lake was entertaining and since it rained the night before the weather was perfect. We walked around for a little while but had to cut the trip short.








I plan on doing several more trips up around this area, so check back for new photos.