Butcher Jones Beach Paddle Boarding


My first ever Paddle Boarding experience. Wow. What a day!! At the end of only an hour on the board, my legs are sore from trying to keep my balance, but it’s a good soreness you get after a great workout.

I picked up my board at NoSnow Paddle Boarding in Mesa, AZ. They have a wide selection of new and used boards available along with all of the accessories that you will need. They also rent boards to those who want to try it out before buying along with classes for those first-timers. Karen is extremely helpful in getting you the right equipment for your experience and I highly recommend renting from her before you buy. You don’t want to drop $500-700 and find out you don’t like it!

My first trip out I was accompanied by a good friend who is a very experienced Paddle Boarder. She showed me some of the basics like stance and how to get up on the board and the best way to paddle. She took this shot of me a little while after I got up on the board.


My first attempt was a success with only a couple of near spills. When those waves hit you from passing boats you either ride it out, drop to your knees, or take a nice cool dip. Surprisingly enough my knees were only a little stiff from sitting on them for so long. The benefits of having an inflatable board.

Here are a few more photos from my first two trips to Butcher Jones. It’s a great place to get away from the heat and it’s only a 45 minutes drive from Phoenix. So enjoy your time on the water and maybe I’ll see you out there!!

Butcher Jones Recreational Beach is a part of the Tonto National Forest and a parking permit is required. When I head up there for a day I stop at the Valero Corner Store at the corner of Power & McDowell. It is only $8 for a day pass if you want to get a seasonal pass, Click Here.

Operational Hours: Day Use Only
Season: Year Round
Restrictions: No overnight camping/parking
No motorized boats in swimming area
Pets must be on leash at all times
No glass containers
Facilities: Restrooms
Information Center: Mesa Ranger District – (480) 610-3300