Hello and thank you for stopping by! My name is David and I am beginning a new chapter in my life where I will be getting back out into nature to bring to you the glory that is our precious world. Each month I plan on checking out new destinations as well as some old favorites that I have visited in the past.

A little about me and where I come from, I was born in Inglewood, CA (that’s right, I’m from da hood!) and between moving due to parents changing jobs, divorce, or any of a dozen other reasons why we moved, I ended up living in 7 different states by the time I was 12. It became odd for me to stay in one place for more than a few years and when I turned 18 and got out on my own, I continued to move to a new place every couple of years.

In 1994 I moved to Los Angeles and stayed there until 2005 when I moved to Phoenix, where I currently reside. During the 20+ years living in the Southwest I stopped moving around and became sedentary. My depression worsened, I gained a bit of weight and was pretty miserable. The only highlight I could see those days is when I traveled. The occasional weekend trip to Los Angeles or Las Vegas, and the holiday trips to visit family.

In 2009 I started working for a Point of Sale company in Scottsdale, AZ and I began traveling again. While the trips were very busy due to work and did not leave me a lot of time to sight see, I did rediscover my love of travel and started to travel more on my down time. Still, it wasn’t enough. The more I was on the road, the more I craved it.

The day job changed and my traveling time dropped to once or twice a year. Slowly the depression and anxiety returned until I realized what I was missing (why it took me so long to see this, I have no clue. The joys of depression). So I refocused my efforts into creating this website (as well as a new food blog, The Single Mans Kitchen), bought myself a paddle board, updated my camping gear, signed up for World Ventures Dream Trips so I could travel to far off destinations for as little money as possible, and started planning my next adventures.

As I began researching destinations, I realized that there is so much to be seen right in our own back yards. Yes, I will be going to some awesome overseas locations like Ireland, Greece, and New Zealand, I also want to spend time showing everyone the beauty and ease of getting to some great places without having to fly over an ocean.

So again, thank you for visiting my new page. Feel free to browse around at the few trips I have posted so far. I will be posting new trips monthly, so please follow me on Facebook and Instagram so you don’t miss anything. As this site grows I will be adding new feautres such as a Newsletter and a Marketplace where you can purchase high end photos as well as other equipment you may need on some of your own adventures.

To see where I plan on going, check out the Upcoming Trips page.